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Our aim is simple: to enhance your organization's workflow by optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency.

With access to our team of insurance industry experts, cutting-edge automation solutions, and skilled service associates, we enable streamlined systems that foster cost-saving strategies, peace of mind, and scalable growth. EFFIKA serves as your trusted outsourcing partner, offering flexibility through agile partnerships and seamless integration. Your organization receives ongoing support and expertise to implement strategic solutions tailored to your needs. Join the ranks of those enhancing organizational value by revolutionizing their operations. Connect with EFFIKA today.

  • Back-Office

    EFFIKA offers a comprehensive suite of services, spanning from data processing, certifications, filing, driver checks, claims management to SOP creation, and beyond. Moreover, we extend a diverse array of functions such as IT, accounting, process automation, human resources, and quality assurance to enhance your back-office support capabilities.

  • Front-Office

    Services encompass customer support, sales, marketing, and other client-facing functions. From addressing customer inquiries, processing sales orders, and managing customer relationships to conducting in-depth market research and executing dynamic marketing campaigns, we ensure seamless interaction and satisfaction for both you and your customers.

  • Onshore | Offshore

    EFFIKA, headquartered in the United States, strategically operates from multiple locations to deliver customized support and consultation services. Build your offshore outsourcing solutions team based at our primary hub in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Our service associates are dedicated to your success, equipped with top-tier education, and thrive within a co-managed, upscale office environment. Your new team seamlessly synchronizes with your office's working schedule, ensuring unmatched collaboration and exceptional outcomes.

Our Services

Insurance Specialists Supporting: Agents, MGA's, Brokers and Carriers

Below are a number of services provided by EFFIKA

  • Updating information/ records; proofreading; correcting data and information in the client’s database systems.

  • Coordinating the development of policies and other regulations

    • Communicating with insurance agents and beneficiaries.
    • Preparing claim forms and related documentation.
    • Reviewing claim submissions and verifying the information.
    • Recording and maintaining insurance policy and claims information in a database system.

    • Analyze financial data and provide forecasting support.
    • Prepare reports and projections based on financial data.
    • Recommend individual and collections of investments, also known as portfolios.
    • Evaluate current and previous financial data.
    • Study business and economic trends.
    • Determine a company’s value by examining its financial statements.

    • Preparing ledger entries with earnings and deductions.
    • Entering payroll information and maintaining payroll files.
    • Calculating salaries, overtime earnings, and vacation deductions.
    • Issuing paychecks in a timely manner.

  • Establish, oversee, and manage any such programs, including management of claims and loss control activities, management of relationships with third party service providers including brokers, insurers and other TPAs, preparing loss analyses and budgets, identifying exposures, recommending solutions, implementing approved programs, promoting loss prevention, updating and monitoring compliance with insurance procedures

    • Overseeing the review and approval process for decisions and recommendations related to complex cases
    • Defining and establishing procedures for risk criteria, application and renewal, and acceptance and rejection.

    • Tracking sales leads
    • Coordinating quotes and sales packs
    • Providing customer service
    • Managing customer accounts

    • Establishing setups that provide customer service to users
    • Taking volumes of calls
    • Responding to customers’ queries
    • Assisting people
    • Giving guidance on new policies and prospects

  • SOP characterizes relationships and control measures. Documentation is never a substitute for training. Procedures: Procedures in SOPs describe processes. Clients update processes and procedures less easily and, therefore, less frequently than other documents.

    • Analytics Running analytics on an incomplete set of data will not yield the most accurate results.
    • Planning When all of the data is in a single location, it’s easier to plan business processes and disaster recovery scenarios. It’s also easier to determine data capacity needs.
    • Data quality. Data is transformed before it is consolidated, it is in a consistent format on the central data source. This transformation step can give data workers the chance to improve data quality and integrity as part of regular data operations.

    • Handling accounts and documentation
    • Preparing invoices and updating records
    • Ensuring that all accounts run accurate records

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